Design systems and pattern libraries

24 case studies

Design systems and pattern libraries in government.

Edo Plantinga

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11 case studies

Digitale participatietools voor lokale overheden.

Anne de Zeeuw

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European Tools for Citizen Engagement

14 case studies

This list aims to clarify the different participatory platforms offered by the European Commission, providing information on where to find them and how to use them.

Max Kortlander

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Innovatieve Toepassingen

12 case studies

Gemeenten zijn volop aan het innoveren en zelf open source toepassingen aan het maken die nieuwe digitale diensten mogelijk maken, of oude processen radicaal verbeteren.

Johan Groenen

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Making Sense

5 case studies

Empowering citizens through personal digital manufacturing, co-designing and deploying of environmental sensors to engage in citizen sensing and help save our environment.

Ivonne Jansen-Dings

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Open Government

10 case studies

Examples of open government examples in the Netherlands. A couple of examples are base on the re-use of open data.

Paul Suijkerbuijk

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Spanish open data reuse cases (

6 case studies

Spanish business success stories that use egov services and open data from public authorities as their raw material

Sonia Castro

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Amsterdam Open Source

42 case studies

Software projects the City of Amsterdam has endeavoured on the past years that exist in Open Source or that they’re working on Open-Source-ing as well as upcoming projects that they'd love to develop in Open Source.

Boris van Hoytema

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Crowdsourced Transport

1 case studies

Civic technology for sustainable transport

Andrew Nash



1 case studies

List of digital tools for helping citizens with disabilities.

Tally Hatzakis



10 case studies

Examples for digital participation tools and their application in Germany and Europe.

Gereon Rahnfeld

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Nederlandse Overheden op Github

16 case studies

Lijst van Github accounts van Nederlandse overheden

Johan Groenen

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Open Source Overheid

10 case studies

Wie doet wat binnen het Open Source Overheid ecosysteem.

Johan Groenen

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Project repositories

19 case studies

Repositories of civic tech and digital government service solutions.

Johan Groenen

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RAD platforms

3 case studies

Overview of RAD platforms for inspiration

Johan Groenen


Transparency processes

1 case studies

Services for local government websites

María Jesús Fernández Ruiz