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Free access to public information. Transparency

Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza (Spain)

Website whose main mission is to comply with the legal framework of transparency by providing free access, understanding and use of public information through the following services: (1)Request for Public Information. It should be noted that citizen applications and municipal responses are published in open data. http://www.zaragoza.es/sede/servicio/informacion-publica (2)The transparency catalogue: Repository that facilitates the search, to know the source of origin, the period of updating of the published information related to the legal framework of transparency, The catalogue is linked to visualization services that facilitate the understanding of the data and to the open data catalogue file associated with this content. (3)Access to visualization services that facilitate the understanding of indicators related to municipal management. Examples include: (3.1)Aid and grant indicators: http://www.zaragoza.es/ciudad/gestionmunicipal/ayudasysubvenciones/indicadores_AyudasSubvenciones (3.2)Public procurement indicators http://www.zaragoza.es/ciudad/gestionmunicipal/contratos/indicadoresTipo.htm with special interest company fact sheet: http://www.zaragoza.es/ciudad/gestionmunicipal/contratos/licitadorcontratos_PerfilContratante?li (3.3)Invoices: http://www.zaragoza.es/ciudad/encasa/hacienda/buscador_Facturas