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Measure Together

Dutch Institute for Public Heath and Environment (Netherlands)

Traditionally, government agencies monitor the living environment via monitoring networks with often expensive reference devices. Due to the rapid innovation in the field of ICT and the development of low-cost sensors, everyone can better measure the quality of the living environment themselves. And that happens more and more.

The Dutch Institute for Public Health and Environment is investigating how they can use new sensor data for the monitoring of the environment. They experiment with sensors to see what you can and can not do with them. They develop and try out methods for calibration and validation of sensor data. To make the sensor data of the environment measured by citizens, local authorities and others accessible the data portal 'samenmeten.rivm.nl' was created. This portal includes measurements from their reference measurement networks. It is an experimental environment. It is not always known how good the measurement data of the sensors are. The data portal and the content available on it can change at any time. At the moment the portal mainly provides data for air quality, but other environmental parameters such as sound, water quality, heat, radiation etc. can also be opened and visualized via the portal (in the future).