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EU Parliament Petitions Webportal

European Commission (EU)

Allows EU citizens to easily sign and start petitions

All European citizens have the fundamental right to communicate with Parliament and the right to petition, as upheld by the Treaty and the Charter of Fundamental Rights. The European Parliament Petitions Webportal is the digital platform provided for citizens to submit directly to the EU Parliament’s Petitions Committee. However, not all petitions can be discussed by the Committee. “Many petitions are debated in committee meetings with the active participation of petitioners…Given the diverse nature of petitions, however, and the large number of petitions received, not all petitions are discussed in the Committee; members may choose to take decisions on them by means of a regular system of political scrutiny.” The petitions require the name, nationality, and permanent address of the author, and must be signed. Citizens can support an existing petition or start their own.